Barr Ben Pillar of LawBenjamin Barr – President

Benjamin Barr serves as the president of the Pillar of Law Institute.  Barr maintains his law practice in Chicago, Illinois and advises the Institute on matters of free speech.

Barr is an expert in free speech and election law, having served as counsel to two chairmen of the Federal Election Commission. He has represented individuals and groups in First Amendment challenges in courts across the country, including the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court favorably cited his First Amendment work in the context of campaign finance reform in Citizens United v. FEC. Along with Stephen Klein, he generated the First Amendment defense framework for former Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s exoneration.

His writings have been featured in numerous popular national publications and he has made media appearances on PBS, NPR, and other outlets in favor of First Amendment freedoms. Barr is a graduate of the University of Wyoming and the Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Klein Steve Pillar of LawStephen Klein – Of Counsel

Steve Klein is a partner at Barr & Klein PLLC and serves of counsel to Pillar of Law Institute. Steve is an experienced free speech attorney who has successfully fought for the First Amendment rights of his clients against local, state and federal regulators. As a lobbyist, Steve’s advocacy has led to the successful amendment of state laws to respect political engagement and prevented the enactment of laws that burden it. Steve has published articles in several legal journals, and his commentary has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The Detroit News, and other outlets. Steve earned a bachelors degree in politics at Hillsdale College and a law degree from Ave Maria School of Law, where he served as Managing Editor of the Ave Maria Law Review. He is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia, Illinois and Michigan.

Susan Gore – FounderGore Susan Pillar of Law
Susan Gore‘s enthusiasm for Wyoming’s founding principles led her to start Wyoming Liberty Group in 2008. Together with a few friends, she set out to provide well researched information and innovative policy solutions in issues key to quality of life. Her optimism regarding the potential of individuals and lively communities comes in part from her background in the pioneering high tech manufacturing culture of her family company, W.L. Gore & Associates.

The Pillar of Law Institute was formed in 2015 as a program of WyLiberty to foster greater protection of political free speech to assure the liberty on which the founding of our country is based. In 2017, Pillar became independent of WyLiberty as its own 501c3 nonprofit.