Some of us are stricken with an unflinching inclination toward liberty.  We’d prefer that a free people be able to speak as they see fit, pool their resources together as they’d like, associate in commonality as they enjoy, and otherwise engage in the American experiment.

We don’t feel guilty or ashamed that some have made money in a free market.  We welcome the Steyers, Kochs, and Soros of the world to compete for our attention and shake up the public mind.  We aren’t afraid of their ideas.  We welcome unions, corporations, trial attorneys, and coal producers to share their thoughts, even when they use silly names.  We believe in free exchange and citizens capable of self-government.

We also realize that the surest path to tyranny is found in displacing this precious liberty held by Americans with the unilateral voice of government to decide who has political power or who gets elected.